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GPS-tracking for your cars is very important for economy in your company, because GPS tracking systems give you all the information you need to monitor your freight’s and cars location, condition, and security. You will Improve on-time delivery with real-time information on estimated arrival times, load locations and status. Besides, your GPS-tracking system allows you to see any attempt of using your vehicles in a prohibited way. System offers you a lot of informations - routs, stops, parkings, fuel consumptions, engine rotations (so you will identify your most efficient from ecomomical point of view driver), electical equipment. All this will prevent using of your vehicles in personal purposes.

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Agriculture machinery sector - is one of the most vulnerable and needs a strict control because of too much variables. Fuel consumption for this kind of equipment can depend on usage of machinery, land forms, loads and intencity of works. Usually used "rates" for agriculture can't offer necessary exactity and to prevent plunders of fuel. GPS-tracking system offers a possibility to solve most of this troubles and to know exactly, how his machinery is used. We have any solutions for this sector.

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Gas-station is needed for any company, which have a large fleet of vehicles, because plunders usually starts at the very first stage of fuel distribution. A modern Gas-station offers a way to know exactly, how much fuel was filled in tanks, and to do it rapidly, because their debit is approaching rate of 100 litres/minute. Besides, there is a possibility to equipe Gas-station with a acces-level module, which offers a possibility to share fuel by personal e-cards for any driver.

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Video surveillance system - is one of the most popular and well-known security system, truly universal for any objects. This kind of system allows you to check, how your people works, to ensure security, to record all that's happening on special devises, so, you'll have an archive for all records. Cameras will fix and relate to you any kind of infrigements, and all of them will be written on tape, so, this kind of system is fully efficient despite of location and conditions on your object

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